Retail Media Centre (Managed by rmi)

Partnering with retailers to maximise the potential of their media estate.

How does a Managed Retail Media Centre work?

We work with you to evaluate all your possible media channels and develop a sales strategy to unlock new, incremental revenue streams. 

We integrate as an extension of your business to understand your strategy and deliver against your objectives. Our expert team will work within your business between your marketing team and supplier base to sell your media assets and deliver strategic growth.

Drive sales

Produce campaigns designed to drive category/product and store sales.

Increase investment

Develop and expand media offering to maximise supplier funded media income.

Increase efficiency

Standardise and centralise your media centre operations to increase efficiency.

Gain visibility

Provide campaign insight and evaluation for re-investment.


Our Media Centre team are an experienced combination of retailers, manufacturers, and media experts who work with your internal teams to develop and deliver supplier joint marketing business plans. 

Our Media Centre team work with suppliers' agencies or our internal content and creative teams to produce campaigns designed to drive category, product, and in-store sales. 


We integrate to understand your strategy, become a part of your culture and deliver against your expectations. 

We work with you to evaluate all your possible media channels and inventory to develop a sales strategy that enables you to increase supplier investment whilst providing the best customer experience. 

We review the performance of all media channels on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to ensure that we are offering the best possible inventory options in terms of sales uplift and ROI. 


Your media inventory will be stored on a bespoke version of our BASE® software platform, designed to optimise each stage of the media plan, do, and review process.

BASE® is designed to increase the efficiency of you media and campaign management and provides sales and campaign insights and evaluation for re-investment.