Case study

Red Bull

The Challenge

Having not launched any NPD since ‘Sugar-free’ in 2003, Red Bull offered rmi a unique opportunity with the launch of three new variants within their range.

Objectives were:

  • Launch in an impactful manner making the campaign ‘BIG’ within The Co-operative Food stores
  • Achieve additional in-store space
  • Make Red Bull highly visible around the store, as well as at point of purchase, and at fixture

The Solution

Due to their high levels of raising Awareness and Activation, the media channel’s rmi advised for Red Bull’s campaign were:

  • Shelf Talkers
  • Till-Screen Display Adverts
  • Promotional Stands

The Results

  • Average sales uplift of 315%
  • Additional in-store space secured, minimum of 1FSDU in 2000+ stores
  • Conclusions of the campaign were that a multi-media approach = more sales
  • All results were evaluated and stored to provide insight for future campaigns