Case study


The Challenge

P&G wanted to access all the different retail media touch points across the major US retailers. The client was also looking for an effective and easy way to reach defined shopper profiles in different areas of the US, to really maximise the media investment, combining retail with local media opportunities (in-store, OOH, radio, press, digital).

The Solution

RMI customised our BASE system to provide P&G with its own unique software to:

  • Target locations across the US, based on demographic and media receptivity data
  • Identify key retailers in those locations and access their in-store media inventory (media touch points, rate card, timelines, specs)
  • Access OOH and local media touch points to support the in-store activation

We also conducted a unique survey across the US to analyse how shoppers react to different media touch points in-store. This formed the base of our recommendations against awareness, activation and education

The Results

P&G now own a custom built, unique software platform to create multi-retail and local media plans and improve internal efficiencies.